She’s Pregnant and Single

She’s Pregnant and Single

Having a baby is one of the most intimate things that two people can share with each other. From the first moment you find out that you created a new life with the person you love; an invisible bond starts forming. As the pregnancy progresses, the bond becomes more sturdy.

The emotional bond that develops between a couple when they get pregnant serves the purpose of making the mom to be feel safe and protected during one of the most vulnerable times of her life.
Unfortunately, not all women find themselves within the safety of a committed when they discover they are pregnant. This usually happens when the pregnancy is unplanned. But an unplanned pregnancy is not always the reason a woman can find herself single while she has a baby on the way.

Relationships undergo many changes during a pregnancy. Overall, it’s a very happy time for most couples, but it also can present a lot of stress and strain. Not all men can handle the way a woman’s moods will fluctuate, especially if the couple is already having issues with their intimacy. The stronger the relationship is when the pregnancy happens, the better it will weather the changes that will come with it.

If the relationship is riddled with problems and never seems to be on stable ground, there is a good chance it will fall apart completely at some point during the pregnancy, or very soon after the baby is born.

Many women find themselves in the situation of their partner leaving them during their pregnancy. This leaves behind a lot of fear and uncertainty for the woman to deal with. It’s hard enough planning to bring a new person into the world with all the long term worries, but add the everyday difficulties of being pregnant, and it gets overwhelming for some women.

Once the woman is able to get past the fear she usually finds that she does better without the man who left her. She may have to do everything without him, but she is also doing without the arguments and stress that come with a bad relationship. Any man who leaves a woman when she is pregnant with his baby is probably lacking the character it takes to be dependable and patient during the pregnancy anyway.

During this time in a woman’s life she sees who truly cares for her. Many people feel protective over a pregnant woman and want to help in any way she lets them. Letting go of some of the control over everything and learning to let other people help and be supportive will make it a lot easier to focus on the most important part; the baby.


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