Announcing Your New Baby


One of the most exciting things you’ll get to plan during your pregnancy is how to tell the world when your new bundle of joy has arrived. Whether you want to go the traditional route of mailed cards and newspaper announcements, or upgrade your announcement process with a baby website, there are plenty of ways to get the news out to family and friends.

New baby cards

Many card and stationary stores carry “new baby” cards in a variety of styles and colors. Typically, these cards are designed with fields where you’ll enter in your baby’s name, weight, length and other details about the birth. These cards are pretty easy to use – all you need to do is fill in the details, attach a picture of your new baby, pop them in the enclosed envelopes and send them on their way.

Unfortunately, all those little steps can add up to a lot of time – if you’re sending announcements to 50 separate addresses, you’ll need to fill in 50 cards, address 50 envelopes, assemble 50 cards and then pay postage on them all. Once your baby comes, you might find that this is just too much work, so why not take care of some of the steps while you’re still pregnant? If you already have your name(s) picked out you can fill that in, and you can easily address the envelopes before it’s time to head to the hospital.


More and more, new parents are announcing the birth of their child with websites, and for good reason – there are plenty of free options to choose from, and you’ll be able to disseminate information and pictures faster and cheaper than with mailed announcements. Two of the best options for setting up a new baby blog are and In both cases, you’ll go through a series of quick, easy steps to set up your free website, and then you can mail the web address to your friends and family members well before you leave for the hospital. Once the site is up and running, you can post updates and progress reports throughout the pregnancy and delivery that will help your loved ones feel connected to the process – without having to call you all the time to ask for details!

Newspaper announcements

Some community newspapers will automatically list new births in a special classified section, while others require you to send in details if you want to have an announcement published. In some cases, you can pay extra to have a picture included with your announcement. If you’re active in your community, this can be a great way to announce the birth of your baby, without having to deal with individual cards or emails to everyone you care about. Give the newspaper a call before the birth to get the information on how you submit and pay for a birth announcement.

A special note on announcing your baby’s birth – it’s okay to say no to requests to come visit you in the hospital. The first few days following your delivery are an extremely important for you and your new family to bond, and there’s no easy way to do that if you’re constantly being interrupted by visitors. If you feel comfortable having visitors right away, that’s fine, but if not, consider asking a close friend or family member to be the “point person” for any phone calls you receive. He or she can respectfully share with guests that you aren’t yet feeling up to visitors but will let them know as soon as you’re ready.


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