Baby Health And Genetically Transmitted Diseases


Baby health and newborn baby care is very important for the sake of survival of mankind on this planet. As you know and fully aware about some genetic issues that pass along generations to generations, you should do every possible thing to avoid such situations. Your awareness can really help few generations to overcome such situation. Think about diabetes. Many babies inherit this disease genetically.

Again hepatitis also has genetic implications. There are lots of diseases that have genetic transmission history. If you live a sound and healthy life today, your forthcoming generations can experience the same. Your health is related to your baby health. Therefore it is of utmost importance that parents of babies should also remain healthy. They should eat proper foods in appropriate amounts, work as long they can and prescribed to them. Your overeating, excessive weight, slimness are the reasons that stirs the risk of heart diseases. And your heart diseases today make your baby more prone to it. Things are really related. You cannot be so selfish to think of yourself alone. You need to think about your babies. You need to think about your baby health. If you are thinking of your health today, you are also thinking of the baby health in future. Do not go for any extreme targets.

A sound body is perfect for everyone. so you should think in this line. Just consider influenza. If you get affected by cold and happen to have exposed it in front of your kid, they will also get it. Some diseases spread as they are viral and bacteria generated. Your alertness and awareness on the diseases can only prevent your baby health from such influenza.


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