Things You’ll Miss About Being Pregnant


From the rapturous secret of initial discovery to the delicious feelings of being treated like a queen, a mom who’s “been there” recalls the wonders of growing a new life inside her body.

Are you sick and tired (literally!) of being pregnant? The 40 weeks of pregnancy won’t last forever, but while you’re in the midst of gestation you may as well look on the bright side. There are plenty of fantastic reasons to celebrate the new life growing inside of you, and it’s likely you really will miss some of these things someday!

Baby secrets: Even before it’s apparent to everyone around you, you’ll delight in the joy of your pregnancy—and can choose to keep this special time a secret between you, the baby’s dad, and your baby until you’re ready to share the good news. Once your growing belly becomes obvious, you’ll still share secret moments with baby as he kicks you, rolls, and even hiccups with no one but you the wiser.

Comfy clothes: Goodbye restrictive waistbands, hello stretchy maternity pants! Buying a swimsuit during pregnancy can be fun when it’s all about comfort with no worries about your terrific tummy.

Sleep soundly (and often): It’s hard work growing a baby, and mommies-to-be get tired. Take a nap, Mama, and rest with the guilt-free pleasure of snoozing in the middle of the day or whenever you can.

Beauty bonus: Those raging hormones offer great benefits for many moms-to-be, including thick, silky hair and stronger fingernails during pregnancy. Relish them while you can, ladies; most women’s hair returns to its normal thickness after baby is born.

Extra endowment: Smaller-chested women, now is your time to enjoy the fuller figure that accompanies pregnancy. Your husbands will probably like this side effect of gestation, too.

Tea (and cookies) for two: Nobody’s going to think you’re overdoing it when you eat your entire steak dinner and still order the hot fudge sundae for dessert. (Just keep in mind it’s no fun losing the baby weight if you go wild too often!)

It’s good to be queen: Family and friends will no doubt treat you differently now that you’re pregnant and carrying a new little life. Enjoy the pampering and attention while you can, as you’re sure to be unseated as the attention-getter once your prince or princess is born.

Naming baby: Choosing your baby’s name is a sure sign there truly is a child on the way! What fun to relax with a great naming book and make your lists, imagining each moniker for your little one-to-be.

Thump, thump: There is nothing quite as thrilling as hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time … and the second, and the third …

Shopping: Baby’s on the way, and what better excuse to shop! Expectant moms need plenty of things, from maternity clothesand nursing bras to tiny booties, crib sheets, and car seats. Whether you’re buying new or hitting consignment shops and yard sales, it’s fun to browse through the cutest little outfits while daydreaming about your baby.

Baby Showers: Speaking of new things for baby … what mom-to-be doesn’t love to be showered (with gifts!) to honor the pending arrival of her little one?

Smiles from strangers: If you’re pregnant, you’re sure to garner plenty of grins from people you don’t even know. There is something endearing about a woman carrying a baby, so don’t be surprised if people even give up their seat for you. You’ll also start to recognize every other pregnant woman out there and possibly share knowing smiles with them, too.

Just for kicks: Movements that start as ticklish, gentle flutters can quickly become nudges, acrobatic rolls, kicks, and even hiccups! Feeling your own baby inside you is an unparalleled experience for humankind, and truly one of the most amazing and incredible happenings for a pregnant woman.

Ultrasounds: Our own moms couldn’t have dreamed of seeing us so clearly on ultrasound the way we see our unborn babies now. From the regular two-dimensional sonograms to the latest in four-dimensional ultrasounds, expecting couples today get prodigious views of their little ones, and it’s a thrill to see those little hands, feet, noses, and chins for the first time on the monitor.

Taking care of yourself: There is no better time than pregnancy for a woman to treat her body well. Pregnant women can enjoy adopting a healthy lifestyle for baby and themselves. Adhering to a nutritionally sound diet, getting plenty of rest, exercising sensibly, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol are all great habits for any woman to assume—and if you’re in good health during your pregnancy, you’ll be better equipped to take care of your little one once she’s arrived, too.

A period-free period: If you’re expecting, you have months of no birth control pills, no periods, and—oh yeah—no worries about getting pregnant during sex. Enjoy!

Revved-up romance: Couples may find themselves enjoying more intimate moments together now that baby is on the way, whether it’s just spending more time together, cuddling, or being intimate. Some women may find their sex drives boostduring pregnancy and that lovemaking is better than ever.

Miracle moments: Whether you’re miserable with morning sickness or almost ready to deliver, there is no denying that what is happening to you is indeed miraculous. Growing another human being inside of your own body, sustaining a life, knowing that you and this child have a precious bond between you—these are all extraordinary emotions that women are blessed to experience. Enjoy your 40 weeks with your baby inside, Mama—it’s a one-of-a-kind, life-changing time!


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