The Best Ways To Get Pregnant Faster

Your Prenatal Vitamin Primer

Ideas To Help You And Your Partner

If you are in a hurry to get pregnant, there are a few ideas to help you and your partner out.

Try having sex at least three times a week or more. When a couple has sex often, they are able to conceive much more easily. People try far too often to time everything down without a glitch for when a woman ovulates, but it doesn’t always work out the way you plan it.

“If a couple does it more than once a week, they will have a better chance at becoming pregnant faster.”

You can also consider getting a kit that will predict when you will ovulate or a monitor for your fertility. Both of these devices have been proven to help couples get pregnant. These two products are amazing and will help you know when the best time is, so that you can conceive faster. Most women have to guess at when their ovulation time actually is, but the product does all of the work for you so that you no longer have to worry. These can be bought at any pharmacy or local department store.

To conceive faster, you should have sexual intercourse before you ovulate. Some couples will be confused as to when the correct time is to have sexual intercourse. There is only a small frame of time within each month for a woman to get pregnant, so if you are actively trying to have a baby, you will need to pay close attention to your cycle. Once a woman ovulates, an egg can survive for around twenty four hours. Sperm on the other hand, can live for several days. Do not wait for the exact day that you will be ovulating, because you do not want to miss the perfect chance of getting pregnant.

Most couples will try the calendar method and in most cases this has failed because of the twenty eight day cycle and the mid-cycle of ovulation. A lot of women do not ovulate exactly on the fourteenth and then get disappointed because they missed the chance to conceive. If you are on the pill then go off of it. It has been known that when a woman skips or quits taking the pill they are more often than none have a greater chance in getting pregnant faster. After having sex lie on your back because the vagina is at a downward position and this will allow the sperm to get closer to your egg.

Do not use any form of lubricant before having sex in most cases this has proven to hinder the sperm count with the ingredients in lube. If you do not have an orgasm this can make the process of getting pregnant slower so always make sure that your partner gets you to have one. Make sure your partner wears boxers because it is well-known that this can help with his sperm count and you could possibly get pregnant at a faster rate.

Out of all the information listed above the most important thing to remember is have fun and try not to stress out if you do not get pregnant the first time around.


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