Smart Moms-To-Be Know Their Pregnancy Stages


This is what happened to Mary, who thought it unnecessary to educate herself regarding her pregnancy. Her entire pregnancy was filled with shocks and fear about what will happen next and what is happening right now inside her body. And regarding her baby, she gave birth to a child, but had no idea how it developed.

Learning about pregnancy stages is interesting. Each stage is unique in one way or the other. Your body as well as the fetus undergoes constant changes in every stage. Keeping a track of the changes helps you relax, because you know what changes are normal and what require medical intervention. This is expected from every smart mom-to-be.

The First Trimester

Your body is under the clutches of drastic hormonal changes. So, do not worry if you feel like throwing up throughout the day, feel extreme tiredness, have tender breasts, or need to visit the bathroom ten times a day. Your body is adjusting to your good news!

How is your baby at this time? Well, she is a cute creature with tiny limbs, a heartbeat, reflexes, and a face. If you want your baby to develop healthily, continue eating a balanced diet and exercising (do this after consulting your doctor). Remember, you should have the glow of health on your face. Forget the tantrums thrown by your body and rejoice. This is the time to pamper yourself and live each moment to the fullest. Tell your mommy you are going to be a mommy too!

The Second Trimester

It’s said that the pregnancy weekly development is the most pleasant in the second trimester. Your baby gets all her vital organs fully developed, except her lungs and brain that continue to develop. She starts to hear sounds and recognize darkness and light. She has senses now! Also, fine hair cover her body to keep her temperature under control. As you approach the end of this stage, be ready for her kicks! Ouch!

Hey, but it didn’t hurt! You should actually be delighted to receive those kicks, as it indicates your baby is developing normally inside.

The Third Trimester

Time to join childbirth and breastfeeding classes! Don’t worry excessively about your baby. She is almost fully prepared to be delivered! But do be sure to continue your regular check-ups. This helps you to detect any complication as early as possible. Things like false labor and back pain will show their faces. Relax and handle them confidently. It’s almost time to reach your destination – motherhood!

Don’t be like Mary. Be smart and know your pregnancy stages. You will enjoy your nine-month journey much more when you are prepared for each step of the way.


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