Selecting The Right Pregnancy Doctor


A good pregnancy doctor is a lifeline for pregnant women. The doctor who knows his job can make a woman feel less anxious. Women have many questions and anxieties regarding their crucial nine months when the baby develops in the womb. Your physician will monitor the health of the baby and you. If something goes wrong, the first person you will call is your pregnancy doctor. This is the reason why you need to choose your care provider based on a number of criteria. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the caregiver who will care for you during your pregnancy.

Doctor Or Midwife?

How do you choose your care provider? A doctor who specializes in looking after pregnant women is called an Obstetrician. He or she provides medical care during pregnancy. An obstetrician also performs surgery if needed. Many gynecologists also specialize in giving care to pregnant women. A midwife is a trained caregiver who will provide you care during pregnancy and after childbirth. A midwife will also assist you during labor. Be sure to opt only for a trained and certified pregnancy doctor.

Pregnancy Care Giver: A Checklist

Here is a checklist you can check against when choosing a caregiver during these crucial nine months and after.

1. Recommendations – Have some friends or people you know recommend a caregiver to you. Find out something about the number of cases they have handled. Talk to people at the organizations or hospitals they work for.

2. Compatibility – The compatibility of the caregiver and the patient is also important. Do you feel easy around your doctor? Are you relaxed or nervous before appointments with the doctor, and is it because of the treatment procedures alone? Does your caregiver listen to your concerns carefully and give you detailed answers to your questions? Or do they not explain the procedures and terms related to pregnancy clearly to you?

3. Kind of Birth – The kind of birth you will opt for is also a factor in selecting a pregnancy doctor. A midwife can aid you in case of natural birth. For epidurals or cesarean, you may need to speak to an obstetrician. Many women who opt for homebirth will find it difficult to have an obstetrician attend to them. A midwife is a good idea in these cases.

4. Frequency of Visits – Select a caregiver only if he or she can give you time. In the initial stages of pregnancy, you will need to visit the doctor once every month. In the later pregnancy stages, you need to see the obstetrician or meet the midwife twice every month.

Make sure the childbirth goes smooth and is free of any kind of trouble by getting the right pregnancy doctor for you.


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