Pregnancy Facts – A Guide To Having A Healthy Baby


Knowing certain facts about pregnancy can help you have a healthy pregnancy. The pregnancy trimesters are special for many reasons. When you decide to bring a new life into the world, you need to keep yourself updated on various pregnancy facts so that you can have a healthy baby. Thanks to modern medical care, women can now expect a healthy pregnancy and a reduced risk of having an underweight or unhealthy baby. It is important for expecting mothers to consult their doctors regularly. Visit your doctor as often as directed. In addition, always consult your doctor before taking any decision regarding medication, exercise, diet and other issues.

Importance of Exercise

One of the most important pregnancy facts that you should know is that exercising is not only allowed, but also recommended during pregnancy. Gone are the days when women would be asked to be on complete bed rest the moment they announced the impending visit from the stork. Mild exercise has many benefits. It helps you manage your weight, so that you can return to your pre-pregnancy weight sooner after the baby is born. It makes childbirth easier as it keeps the muscles flexible. Exercise promotes healthy blood circulation, and this helps a mother maintain overall good health.

Talk to your doctor before you chalk up an exercise plan. Mild workouts that do not put strain on your abdomen are the best exercise for you. They can help you deal with common problems such as back pain and fatigue. If you do not feel comfortable doing stretch exercises, go for a walk. Swimming is another way to burn those extra calories. The buoyancy of water keeps you afloat and puts less strain on your body. Swimming also strengthens the muscles of the legs and back. During swimming, there are fewer chances of bruises such as strained muscles.

Getting Workouts

Even a few minutes of working out can help keep mothers healthy. One of the most surprising pregnancy facts is that 10 minutes on an exercise bike everyday makes a crucial difference to the health of mothers-to-be. One exercise particularly advised for pregnant women is Kegels, which helps strengthen muscles in the lower abdomen and pelvis. Make a conscious effort to breathe in and out normally when you are doing Kegel exercise.


It is but understandable that you may not be able to do the kind of strenuous workouts you did before pregnancy. When exercising, remember that you are not to push yourself too hard. You do not have anything to prove. All you need is gentle exercises to keep you healthy and happy. One of the lesser-known pregnancy facts is that exercising helps keep the baby blues away. Depression, mood swings and anxiety are common to a large percentage of women during these nine months. Exercising can help you combat these symptoms to a great extent. However, consult your doctor if you feel dizzy or nauseated during workouts. Have a happy and safe pregnancy, and keep these pregnancy facts in mind.


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