Pre-natal Massage


Massage is great for everyone’s well being. Athletes enjoy the relief of aches and pains that it gives them. More and more massage therapists are offering pre-natal massages. Pregnancy brings a lot of rapid changes to a woman’s body that causes them to half a million of aches and pains that they’re not used to. The hips start widening making the hip sockets sore. The back gets strained because of the extra weight they carry around and their poor belly’s get stretched and pulled. Massage will take them to a point of ecstasy and they deserve it!

Massage has numerous benefits to the body and many more for the pregnant body. Some of these benefits include reduction of stress, relaxation, and increased blood circulation. The increase in blood circulation can reduce swelling and also helps the body receive extra oxygen. The skin also becomes more pliable and the massage oils can help moisturize the skin which will decrease the chance of stretch marks. Muscle cramps, spasms, and pains in the back, neck, hips and legs can be alleviated.

Make sure that when you look for therapists that they are certified to give prenatal massages. This means that they are educated and trained in knowing what is safe for the baby and the mother to be. Knowing the anatomy of a woman’s body during pregnancy is very important. The body works differently and is going under drastic changes in order to grow and develop a baby inside. There are also parts of the body that should not be massaged. Just how there are certain foods that you would want to avoid there are certain parts of the body that you want to avoid being massaged.

The position of the massage table is also important. It should be positioned in a semi-reclining angle. It’s very comfortable but most importantly safe for the baby. To get the back massaged the mother to be needs to be positioned on the side so that the therapist can get into the hips and back without causing discomfort. The tables with the hole cut out for your belly may cause some stress and pressure on the lower back and is not recommended. Massage is also beneficial during labor. Learn the techniques during your pregnancy so that you can do them well during labor. Take a friend or your partner with you to the massage therapists so that they can demonstrate the massage technique so they can perform them when you go into labor. It will really help you when you’re in labor.


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