Natural Labor – Some Suggestions For A More Comfortable Labor And Delivery

Natural Labor - Some Suggestions For A More Comfortable Labor And Delivery

Natural labor followed by childbirth without any intervention from doctors or medical procedures is safe and most common. How do you suppose the earliest humans were born? It’s good for you as a mother and for your child. A totally natural childbirth is possible and it can be a very pleasant experience for you if you prepare yourself well in advance. The expectant father and mother must have full knowledge of childbirth and its procedures, lots of care should be given to the mother during pregnancy. All this ensures a natural and safe delivery of your child.Pregnancy And Labor Is NaturalPregnancy and delivery is not a disease, it is a very healthy condition of the woman’s body. Labor is painful, but be rest assured that your body knows exactly how to react and adjust itself, so that you can achieve what you want to. Many women fear this pain, and thus opt for medical intervention and surgery for the birth of their child. Still those who prefer a natural labor find themselves totally in control and enjoy the full experience of being a mother. There are many safe and comfortable ways in which this natural process can be carried out.

There are many natural ways to induce labor. Brisk walking, nipple stimulation, eating pineapple, eating spicy food, applying castor oil or enemas are some of the ways. Of course, don’t do anything on your own; consult your doctor or midwife and follow their suggestions. Whenpregnancylabor starts, you will feel mild pain in the lower back and cramps in the uterus. These contractions will increase in duration and will be more frequent. At the peak of labor, these contractions are usually less than five minutes apart and last for around a minute.

Tips For Less Pain

You can control the extreme pain that you experience during natural labor by following some tips:

  • Try to breathe easy. Deep breathing during the early stage of deliver and adjusting the breathing tempo in advanced stages is the key to remain calm during childbirth.
  • Visualize that you are having less pain. You can see yourself in your favorite place, playing in the winds and water. Positive images during labor pain will help you to calm down and relax, thus ease your pain.
  • If you listen to soothing music during the natural labor, you will relieve much of your anxiety and pain. Music distracts you from the pain.
  • You can get a birthing ball. It is like an exercise ball, which can be rocked back and forth during labor. This helps ease the contractions and push your child into the pelvis during early stages.

The goal is to relax and try to enjoy this lifetime experience. Childbirth is the most natural thing to happen to women. Thus, there is no need to fear from the pain and discomfort. If the doctors find it necessary, they will intervene with medical procedures to ensure a safe delivery. In uncomplicated pregnancies, natural labor is safe and worth giving a try!


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