How To Get Pregnant with Twins


If you are in a hurry to have a big family and you’ve always dreamed of having twins or if you are running out of time to start a family then you probably would like to know how to get pregnantwith twins.

Trying for twins can be a lot of fun, but of course even if you try all of the tips on this page there is still only a slight increased chance that you’ll have two babies.  Even couples who have the twin gene somewhere in their family (or are a twin themselves) still have no guarantees that they’ll get them.

But if you would like to give it a go then here are some tips that will help you to improve your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Eat Yams

In Nigeria there is a tribe where their diet consists mostly of yams.  They also have the highest incidence of twins than anywhere else in the world.  The theory is that yams contain a potent chemical which increases fertility (yams are also recommended for women who are struggling to conceive).

Wait until you are Older

As the mother get’s older there is a higher likelihood that she’ll release more than one egg at a time resulting in twins.  The statistics say that a women in her late 30’s has nearly double the chance of having twins than someone in her early twenties.

Use Fertility Drugs

It is well known that certain fertility drugs that stimulate ovulation such as Clomid increases your chances of twins or multiples.  This is because it can cause the ovaries to release multiple eggs at once.  However Clomid is only prescribed to women who are having trouble conceiving so you won’t be able to get any from your doctor if you have perfect fertility.

Go Dairy Free

While not recommended for your long term health, women who are depleted in calcium have a higher incidence of twins than those with great diets.  The reason is thought to be that the lack of calcium causes a fertilised egg to split more easily than in a women who is healthy.  If you do find out that you are pregnant though make sure you increase your calcium levels again as it is needed by your baby.

So there you go.  Slightly controversial, but still interesting tips none the less.  And remember that knowing how to get pregnant with twins, and actually falling pregnant with them is still no guarantee.


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