Do postpartum “girdles” work?

Ask An Expert


Question: What’s with those postpartum girdles, like the Belly Bandit? Will they really help me slim down quicker?

Answer: We’re the first to admit that we were entirely skeptical of these “girdle-like” contraptions when they first hit the shelves. However, after second, third, and fourth glance, we are now full on converts and recommend them to any and all expectant moms. Why? Because these tummy wraps really do make you feel and look good. 

Technically, the elastic bands were created as “abdominal compression binders” designed to apply pressure to the abdominal area after delivery. Sounds uncomfortable, but in fact, they come in a variety of lightweight, comfortable, and even organic materials. These bands—worn around your waistline—helps with your posture, takes pressure off your legs and back, and actually help reduce that uncomfortable uterine swelling and bloating so many moms experience post delivery. They can even be used after a c-section. Most come with adjustable Velcro closures that can help you get back into your pre-pregnancy shape. The best part is that these wraps can be worn underneath your clothes and no one but you will even know its there. While we can’t promise that they will melt away the pounds (diet and exercise, anyone?), hey will help “tighten and shrink your tummy post pregnancy.” As for the Belly Bandit, the brand is a celebrity fave, and has definitely earned our Seal of Approval!


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