Baby Stages Don’t Just End After Delivery


Baby stages begin with the commencement of rapid growth and development of fetus. This happens towards the end of second trimester and continues throughout the third trimester, resulting in delivery. The entire period is filled with exciting changes in the baby as well as mother’s body.There are 5 prominent events that take place during baby stages:

  • Baby begins kicking and twisting
  • Pregnancy discomforts increase
  • You need to visit your doctor more
  • Water breaking occurs
  • Baby is born

Kicks And Twists

During the baby stages, your baby gets hyper active. She starts her movements and may kick you in the ribs and belly. Although these kicks are painful, you should be happy, as kicks indicate that your baby is healthy. She starts recognizing your voice too!

Pregnancy Discomforts

As the baby stages precede further, you start experiencing discomforts such as back pain. This happens due to the pressure exerted by your expanding uterus on your lower back ligaments. Another interesting change occurs. You get thick and coarse hair growth! Don’t worry; this vanishes within six months of child birth. Some women also get swelling of feet due to retention of fluids. The best way to handle this is to avoid standing for long hours. Let your feet rest as much as possible.

Frequent Visits To Doctor

At every visit, the doctor keeps a check on your blood pressure and your baby’s heart rate. He or she would also conduct an ultrasound to examine your baby’s growth and development inside. This test also shows whether your placenta, which provides nourishment to your baby, is positioned correctly and that there is adequate amniotic fluid that keeps your baby suspended. Certain prenatal tests also include Group B Strep screening, Rh screening, Glucose screening, and STD screening.

Water Breaking

When the baby’s head shifts into your pelvic region, you feel severe contractions. However, they are false, better known as Braxton Hicks contractions. At this time, certain fluids start trickling down your bladder and outside. This is when the mucous plug, which blocks the opening of your cervix during the entire pregnancy, expels and amniotic sac breaks. As a result, water gushes out of your vagina. This is known as water breaking. This is an indication that delivery is going to happen soon.

Baby Is Born

Right after water break, you get labor and delivery. Baby stages are about to be finished. However, the real end is when the placenta gets expelled after the birth of baby. This is when you can say that baby stages are over and your pregnancy is finished. Now, you are a mother and the baby is in your arms!



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