5 Simple Ways to Prevent Seasonal Pudge

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Seasonal Pudge

Everyone knows the equation: holidays = pressure + stress. And stress can lead to overeating. Learn how to can avoid the holiday weight-gain trap.

The holidays are tailor-made for overeating. Cookies, gingerbread, eggnog—who can resist? And, when you’re under stress it can be even easier to overindulge, which can lead to guilt and more stress—a vicious cycle. But, you can reduce the stress and keep your weight under control this season. Follow our list of holiday-friendly guidelines, and consider writing them down someplace where you’ll see them everyday for some extra reinforcement.

If you can ease up on your expectations with regard to your eating, not only will you achieve the important goal of maintaining your weight during the course of the holidays, but you are bound to feel better about yourself. You just might eliminate your usual guilt, self-recrimination, regrets about overeating, doubts about yourself, and the strength of your convictions. You might just come out of the holidays feeling empowered.

Here’s to the happiest holidays ever.


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