Women Buy Sexier Clothes When at Their Most Fertile

Women Buy Sexier Clothes When at Their Most Fertile

Is a pink negligee catching your eye? Watch out! You may be ovulating.

The Scoop

Could your clothes buying habits provide valuable clues about your fertility? According to a study released August 4, 2010, for upcoming publication in the Journal of Consumer Research, women at the most fertile points in their monthly cycle (at or near ovulation) are more likely to buy sexy, revealing clothes than women of a similar age range who are at less fertile points in their cycles. 

In the University of Minnesota-led study, 100 women were instructed to shop for clothes using a website created specifically for the research. As reported by CNN Health, study participants could choose 10 items of clothing out of 128—half of which were sexy and alluring, and the other half of which were more conservative. For instance, there was a mini-skirt and a longer skirt to choose from. 

Sure enough, checking clothing choices against where women were in their menstrual cycles found that those who were likely at or near ovulation tended to pick out sexier clothes. What’s more, the study found that women were most likely to choose the revealing attire when presented with other attractive women who were said to be local. 

“The desire for women at peak fertility to unconsciously choose products that enhance appearance is driven by a desire to outdo attractive rival women … If you look more desirable than your competition, you are more likely to stand out,” says Dr. Kristina Durante, lead researcher, in a media release on the study.

Your Fertility

Previous studies have shown that women prefer more masculine men during their fertile time period each month and “it makes sense that they would also want to show off their bodies more then,” Durante speculates. Still, for those serious about pinpointing their most fertile days each month, shopping for a good at-home ovulation kit or basal thermometer probably makes more sense than basing baby making plans on the results of a recent clothes shopping spree.


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