Celebrity Moms: Whose Star Style Is Your Perfect Match?


Learn some great pregnancy and parenting tips and get gear recommendations guaranteed to make you—and your baby—look and feel like superstars!

From their unique tastes in maternity fashions to the strollers, baby clothes, and nursery décor they choose, the celebrities you most look to for inspiration reveal a lot about your personal mommy style. Match your fashion sense and personality with the following celebrity mom style gurus.

Earth Mother

Celebrity Style Guru: Kate Hudson
Prefer cloth diapers to disposables? Are organic baby clothes on your shower gift registry? Interested in baby wearing? If yes, then Hudson’s earth mother style might be your perfect fit.

The star of such films as How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Almost Famous might dress in designer gowns when she walks the red carpet, but in real life, Kate Hudson favors a more down-to-earth style. While pregnant with her son Ryder, the all-natural mom usually wore flowing sundresses and sandals. Laid-back, loose-fitting clothes are comfortable choices during pregnancy—and sandals are great footwear for swollen feet!

Hudson made news shortly after Ryder was born by becoming one of Hollywood’s first moms to regularly wear her baby in a sling. Ryder’s clothes—he is often seen in tie-dyed shirts and shorts—reflect Hudson’s hippie-chic fashion sense.

Earth Mother Parenting Tip: Want to be a slinging mama like Hudson? The best advice from other women who regularly tote their tots is “practice, practice, practice!” If you buy a ready-made sling or carrier, chances are it will come with detailed instructions. Go through them step-by-step, substituting your baby with a doll or stuffed animal, until you feel comfortable. It takes time to learn the different techniques and positions, but soon you will be a baby-wearing pro.

Nomad Mama

Celebrity Style Guru: Angelina Jolie
Packing in one last exotic vacation before your due date? Is living with your family in a different country—or on an entirely different continent—your idea of the ultimate adventure? Was the first picture you took of your baby his passport photo? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your style guru is Nomad Mama, Angelina Jolie.

Since giving birth to daughter Shiloh in May 2006, in Namibia, Africa, Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, have lived with their children in such locales as Los Angeles, India, and New Orleans. The always-on-the-move mom is a licensed pilot and a UN Goodwill Ambassador who tours political trouble spots around the globe.

In step with her active lifestyle, Jolie’s maternity clothes were simple and travel-friendly. She stuck to a basic uniform of black knit pants or skirt topped with a form-fitting T-shirt—low-key clothes that can look fresh even after a long flight.

Jolie dresses her kids in similar no-frills styles. Little girls Zahara and Shiloh usually wear neutral-colored clothes and sturdy shoes that are playground-ready. Jolie’s son, Maddox, also sports such ready-for-action duds as camouflage pants and layered vintage T-shirts. And no doubt, Jolie’s newest family addition, son Pax Thien, will follow suit, enjoying comfortable, practical, and stylish childwear.

Nomad Mama Travel Tip: For globe trekkers like Jolie, there are several precautions to consider before traveling to foreign destinations with small children. In addition to packing clothes, toys, and diapers for your next out-of-country trip, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises parents to bring along a supply of safe water and snacks; waterless, alcohol-based hand sanitizer; child-safe hand wipes; and a water- and insect-proof ground sheet for outdoor play.

Because many countries do not provide the same type and quality of children’s medications and childcare products, the CDC also recommends that parents also pack essentials such as baby formula and their children’s medications.

Classic Mother

Celebrity Style Guru: Katie Holmes
Are your everyday outfits more dressed up than dressed down? Do you have a closet full of frilly, little girl dresses—or have you already purchased a little boy’s suit and tie set—with your due date still months away? Do you love retro styles from the 40s and 50s? A yes answer to any of these questions means you share the same tastes in maternity and kids clothes as Katie Holmes.

Holmes’ style is classic Hollywood. While pregnant in 2006 with daughter Suri, her maternity look was soft, feminine, and very put together. Photos of the pregnant Dawson’s Creek star show she favored silky maternity tops and empire-waist dresses in cream colors and jewel tones. Holmes usually paired outfits with timeless—and comfortable—ballet flats. Now Mrs. Tom Cruise makes sure her daughter’s style matches her own.

Classic Mother Pregnancy Tip: Holmes completed her flawless maternity style with expertly applied makeup. To copy Holmes’ glow, Suzanne Cooper, an esthetician from Manalapan, New Jersey, suggests going easy on the foundation, explaining that because pregnancy hormones make skin more sensitive and break-out prone, over-applied liquid or powder foundation can clog pores and cause blackheads. Instead, exfoliate and moisturize skin, using eyeliner and mascara to play up eyes and a soft, shimmery shade of lipstick to emphasize the mouth.

Diva Mom

Celebrity Style Guru: Gwen Stefani
When you shop, do you still check out the juniors’ and misses’ sections before heading to the maternity department? Do your shoes, purse, and diaper bag match? If you answered yes to any of these questions then fellow fashionista, Diva Mom Gwen Stefani, is your style icon.

Rock star and fashion designer Gwen Stefani has refused to let motherhood change her fun, funky fashion sense. Pregnant in 2006 with son Kingston, the singer famously kept her platinum blond hair, spike heels, and signature red lipstick. She even assembled a seriously glam maternity wardrobe by mixing self-designed duds with top designer maternity clothes and nonmaternity separates. Diva Mom Stefani, who transports her son in a gold lamé stroller and Gucci-patterned baby carrier, began designing her own line of baby and kids clothes to make sure Kingston’s style is as up-to-the minute as her own.

Diva Mom Pregnancy Tip: Stefani rocked the platinum blond locks while she was expecting, but is it really safe to color your hair during pregnancy? According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), dyeing hair is “most likely safe” for pregnant women because very little dye is actually absorbed through the skin. Still, the ACOG and other health organizations readily admit that no conclusive studies have been performed to determine how hair dye, bleach, and hair straightening chemicals affect human fetal development.

Because it’s still a “gray area,” consider skipping your monthly visit to the salon colorist during the critical first trimester, or stick with highlights—bleach and dye don’t touch the skin when this hair lightening technique is used. Before having any chemical process done to your hair, be sure to first check your plans with your doctor.

Mom of Multiples

Celebrity Style Gurus: Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross
Expecting twins, triplets, or more? Look no further than Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross, two celebrity moms of twins, for your style inspiration.

Movie star Julia Roberts and Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross both know that less is more when it comes to twin-sized maternity fashions. Pregnant with twins Hazel and Phinnaeus in 2004, Roberts ditched her usual high-end designer clothes and replaced them with such wardrobe basics as comfy flannel shirts.

Just before giving birth in February 2007 to twin girls Eden and Savannah, Cross told People magazine, “I find the best way to dress while I’m carrying two other people around is to keep it simple. I like to wear things I can just throw on with flats.”

Roberts and Cross both created dream nurseries for their twins with special touches customized for each baby. To personalize her twins’ space, Roberts hung whimsical polka dot letters spelling out the names Hazel and Phinnaeus. Cross opted for different bedding patterns for each baby’s crib. To remind her daughters of their special bond, a sign hanging on the nursery’s wall reads, “sisters are for sharing secrets.”

Mom of Multiples Pregnancy Tip: Both Roberts and Cross were on bed rest for part of their pregnancies—a common recommendation for women expecting multiples. To fight the boredom that can accompany limited physical activity, make the most of your situation. Roberts gave press interviews for an upcoming movie from her bed, and with a little creative rewriting (and some serious ingenuity on the part of her show’s production team) Cross was able to film her Desperate Housewives scenes from the comfort of her very own bedroom!

You can give yourself a sense of purpose by creating a daily routine. Change from your pajamas into a daytime outfit of comfortable clothes. Brush your hair. Make the bed, if this is an approved activity, and open the curtains to let in the sunshine. Have fun by renting movies and invite friends and family over to watch them with you. Bed rest is notsolitary confinement!

As you look to the stars for style pointers, don’t forget the must-have accessory for every celebrity mom: self-confidence! Have fun mixing and matching maternity fashions and hunting down cool gear for your kids. While the paparazzi might not camp out at the end of your driveway waiting to record your every move, stepping out with your fashion sense intact can serve as a much needed self-esteem boost!


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