7 Parenting Resolutions


No doubt about it, summer is way over and it’s time to face the music. The weather is cold and clammy; rain, rain, rain. When I uncover the birdcage in the morning, the parakeets look at me as though to squawk, “Are you kidding? It’s not morning yet—it’s still dark outside!” Yup, it’s that time of year again, when we huddle in front of the central heater, the earth is far, far away from the sun, and a parent’s mind turns to thoughts of … New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions? I know, I should be concentrating on holiday gifts. But why add to the gloom and doom outside? Instead, like Pollyanna, that merciless and gooey character who sees the world in rainbow colors no matter how grim the reality, I’m looking beyond the shopping, wrapping, exchanging. I’m focusing on the future—my future as a parent. Proud of me? Pen in hand, I sit down with a noble look on my face.

This year, my first parenting resolution is to make my resolutions early. And, since I’m making them now, I’m meeting my first resolution before the New Year even begins! High fives and handshakes all around. This fits right in with my parenting philosophy of celebrating your successes—after all, parenting is really hard, kid, and you’ve gotta take your successes where you find them. Plus, nobody else will tell you how great you’re doing, so it’s up to you to do it yourself. Now that I feel great, it’s time to get serious.

If my first resolution is to make my resolutions early, my second resolution is to make my resolution list short. Okay, I’m done.

Actually, that was a joke.

My parenting resolutions need to be achievable, I resolve. There won’t be any never-scream–at my-kid-again resolutions, either. Nope, this year I’m gonna listen to the motto: Nothing Succeeds Like Success, and focus on realistic goals that I know I can make happen.

I also believe in stretching my capabilities. My resolutions need to include some big aspects to aim towards. In other words (to say it in a more groovy way), my big resolutions will focus more on the process—or the journey—than the goal.

And there sure won’t be any of those lose-five-pounds-and-exercise-more resolutions. Weight gain and loss is seasonal, not annual, and far as I can see, human beings are like bears, putting on more poundage in the winter, naturally slimming down in the spring and summer. This philosophy tends to make my jeans tight, but it allows me to satisfy my annual cravings for rich food and eggnog. Anyway, these are parenting resolutions.


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