Take Great Photos of Your Kids!


Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned photographer, read on for tips and inspiration.

The early years of your children’s lives seem to fly by, so you’ll want to capture the precious moments on film. Of course, all pictures of your kids are wonderful, but even the best photographers can use some tricks and tips to enhance their work.

Get a Good Camera

You don’t have to be a photography genius to take good pictures with autofocus cameras. If a new camera isn’t in your budget, it’s better to take your pictures in natural light, being careful to keep them in focus.

Go Digital

Digital cameras are getting less expensive all the time, and you can have fun creating effects with the software that comes with the camera. Try cropping, lightening, and enhancing your pictures; you can even remove red eye. One of the great things about going digital is that you don’t have to worry about wasting film. So, go click happy and shoot away–you’re sure to end up with great shots!

Try a Do-It-Yourself Photo Shoot

Candid is great, and you should keep a loaded camera on hand for those priceless moments. But, why not experiment with a photo shoot? 

Be creative and think about props, costumes, and settings. (Babies look great in hats, so you may want to try some.) A shoot can be time consuming, so make sure you and your child are rested and relaxed. Taking pictures should be a special time for everyone, and if your child is having fun, so will you!

Consider the Background

Sometimes a backdrop can distinguish an average picture from one that looks professionally done. Remember, the photo’s subject is your baby, not the TV in the background.

Try using a sheet or a piece of fabric as your backdrop. If you’re adept with a computer, you can use digital-image software to manipulate your image and swap in various backgrounds.


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