Scrapbooking: Celebrate Your Family’s History

What to Read When You're Expecting
What to Read When You're Expecting

Creating scrapbooks and documenting your family’s history is a celebration of your family itself! Learn the importance of photo-safe products, storing memorabilia, and preserving memories to last for generations. 

Of the 1,001 jobs every parent has, one of the most important and least appreciated is that of “Family Historian.” Regardless of our personal wealth, the most precious thing we can pass on to our children, and the children of their children, is a tangible sense of family identity and their place in the cycle of the generations. A child without knowledge of family history becomes like an orphan lost in time.

When our children ask, “Where did I come from?” they are not always asking where babies originate. Beyond the biology, frequently the unspoken question is, “Where did my family come from and how do I fit in?”

My wife and I have tried to make “Family History” one of our core family values by encouraging our children to become active participants in the process of assembling and maintaining family scrapbooks and photo albums.

Why Scrapbooking is Meaningful

The art of keeping family history alive does not happen by accident; it requires a small investment of time and a determination to stay the course. The problem is that we live our lives by the moment, an hour at a time, but decades, generations, and centuries measure a family’s history. The things we treasure and save out of the every day bric-a-brac of living—the trinkets, photographs, and letters that we pass forward to our children—become an important tangible and visible link to the past once we are gone.

Family scrapbooks are one of the best ways to preserve family history for future generations. For many modern parents, scrapbooking is almost a lost art form. A scrapbook is much more than a semi-organized collection of thoughts and memories—the ritual of building and maintaining the family archives can itself be a rich and rewarding experience for both parents and kids. It becomes an opportunity to talk, reminisce, and explore yesterday’s events. Part of our family collection is a tattered scrapbook my grandmother created nearly a century ago. Because she died before my children had a chance to know her, the bits and pieces of her childhood, which she saved, are precious beyond measure. They are the only things that speak to them of a distant generation.

Best Scrapbooking Moves

Any scrapbook is a “good” scrapbook, but some are clearly better than others. The value of your family archives can be improved by following one simple principle: keep in the back of your mind that a good scrapbook, like a Millennium Time Capsule, demands that the authors and creators assume that they will all be dead when it is finally opened and read.


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