Make Your Own Valentine!

A five-step guide to making see-through Valentine's Day gifts


Looking for some new, orginal ideas for crafting your own Valentines? Here is a craft project to get you started.

If you and your children are looking for some fun and easy Valentine’s Day activities, this great gift idea is the perfect place to start. You can make your own homemade Valentine’s Day cards with our easy guide!

What You’ll Need:

Tissue paper (assorted colors)Small box of chocolates with red plastic wrap (Yum!)GlitterScissorsContact paper (two sheets will make a few small valentines)Red ribbon or stringGlue (optional)

Step One

This project is especially fun because it begins with a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates! Open the box and save the colored plastic wrapping.

Step Two

Take the wrapping, along with your colored tissue paper, and rip it into various sized pieces. (Leave the edges rough.)

Step Three

Remove the backing from the first sheet of Contact paper and lay it down sticky side up. Place the pieces of torn paper and plastic wrap on the sticky surface. Cover the entire area, leaving a one-inch border around the edges. Sprinkle with glitter.

Step Four

Remove the backing from the second sheet of Contact paper and place the sheet on top of the other, sticky side facing down. Press down over the entire area to seal the two sheets together.

Step Five

You will now have a large sheet of color. Using your scissors, cut out some heart shapes. Poke a hole at the top of each heart cut-out so you can feed a ribbon through it. Tie the ribbon in a bow or leave enough room to hang up your valentine.

Hold the valentines up to a window or lamp to see how the light shines through! You can fill these hearts with whatever decorations you like, including, dried flowers, feathers, and photographs. You can even choose to use colored Saran wrap and create a stained-glass effect. If you like, glue the rest of the ripped paper to the empty chocolate box and make a gift box for your hearts. When you’re done, celebrate by eating the chocolates!

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