Finding Other Mommies to Play With


Being a new mom can sometimes be isolating. For fresh ideas on how to meet other moms like you, read on.

Whether you spend long stretches of time at home alone with your children or whether you’re busy-busy shifting between a job and family, motherhood can sometimes feel isolating. It’s always good to have other buddy-moms to trade war stories, let out loud sighs, or put on party hats and jump on the couch with! (At least that’s what your kids will think you are doing.)

What Are You Looking For?

Determine what you want from new mommy connections. Do you want intellectual stimulation, to let your hair down, talk about the kids, not talk about the kids, or simply just go out for dinner and a movie monthly?

Where to Meet New Mommy Friends?

  • Look anyplace where children gather—moms can’t be far behind! 

  • Look into playgroups that are designed not just for the kids, but also for moms looking to make connections, sip tea, and share a few laughs.

  • Discover your neighborhood parks. The best time to go is midweek between late morning and lunchtime or right after lunch. On weekends, daddies often populate parks.

  • Sign up for mommy-and-me activities at your gym, or join story-time at the library or bookstore.

  • Some malls organize stroller walks for moms with small kids. If your mall isn’t doing this, ask the community relations or PR person at the mall to help you start one. 

  • Are you a member of a church, synagogue, or other spiritual center? Look for moms dropping their children off at childcare during the services.

  • Ask your pediatrician and OB-GYN, the hospital where you gave birth, or the agency you used to adopt, to help you connect with other moms in your area.

  • Communicate with other moms at the mall or grocery store, or stroll through your neighborhood on a nice day, and suggest a play date with a mom you might meet.

  • Put notices up on bulletin boards at your spiritual center, your childcare or a babysitting service, or at a children’s clothing or toy company. You may want to consider putting your phone number or email on the flyer. You can also put a notice in a local parenting publication; look for notices already printed there, maybe another mom is looking to make a new friend, too.

  • New to your area? Call the Welcome Wagon to see if they know of a moms group.

  • Do you work in an office? Don’t have time during the day for a playgroup? Gather up a bunch of moms in your office (you’ll know them by the pictures of kids on their desks) and start a “Moms Do Lunch” club once a week.


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