Falling in Love all Over Again


A celebration of the love and bond between parents and their babies.

I used to think I loved my husband. Good looks, wicked sense of humor, athletic body and incredibly smart—I thought I loved it all, the whole package. I was wrong.

My feelings for my husband have changed. Since the birth of our first child I’ve come to realize that I didn’t entirely love him before. I only loved part of him, the part that I could see. It was like being fifteen and thinking that kissing was the most exciting feeling in the world until you discovered true passion or enjoying the feel of water in the shower until you stood at the edge of the ocean and felt the waves crash around you. Seeing this man I’ve known for years be a daddy to our little girl, I realize that the big picture is just starting to come into focus and I’m seeing a side of my guy that makes me love and appreciate him even more.

In Your Eyes

The sandy hair, pug nose and tremendous smile that attracted me to my husband are even more beautiful reflected in the face of our daughter. She’s the spitting image of her daddy. When people comment how much they look alike, my favorite line is, “I did all the work and he gets all the credit!” But it’s just for laughs. I honestly adore the fact that they look alike, and I get a special little thrill as he grins and puffs up with pride when strangers notice the resemblance. He’s proud of her, and I in turn, am proud of them both. Now that she’s getting older, she’s begun to adopt some of his mannerisms too. It’s a crack up to see her make the same faces he makes when she doesn’t like something or laugh with the same silly grin. The sight of them together compels me to lean over, kiss the two of them and exclaim, “I love this face!”

Because moms tend to decide what our children wear, what they eat and which type of stroller is best, it’s easy for us to feel like our babies are little extensions of ourselves. Thank goodness for daddy’s dimples, his brown eyes or “that look” that was passed on to our babies to remind us how that precious little person is a part of the big person that we fell in love with long ago.


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