Checklists: Mom’s Best Friend


“Checklist Moms” are just like you, with kids, careers, and bottomless laundry baskets. Yet all agree that streamlining their listmaking has significantly simplified their lives.

Admit it, you’ve done it. We’ve all done it. There’s no way any woman who has planned her wedding, had a baby, or gone on a family vacation can say she managed to do so successfully without the help of a checklist.

Your first list was probably written a long time ago and most likely was titled “Boys Who Are Cute,” “My Favorite Songs,” “Things I Want for My Birthday” or perhaps even “Characteristics of the Perfect Husband.” Making a list gives a concrete idea of what needs to be done, and helps us prioritize, remember, manage, and organize what’s important in our lives.

Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of your first baby or have been in the mommy trenches for a while, whether you’re a full-time career mom or a stay-at-home mom, making lists and completing the tasks probably helps keep your life organized and your sanity in check.

Lists for Everything

There are lists for everything: birthdays, holidays, school events, questions for doctors, household chores, trips to the grocery store, things to bring on vacation, things to fix, things to buy, errands to run, and more. It can be quite overwhelming for a mom to remember even the simplest of things that have to be done throughout the day.

Demands of Motherhood

Susan Isaacs Kohl, parent consultant, author of The Best Things Parents Do: Ideas & Insights from Real-World Parents, mother of three, and grandmother of two, has some thoughts on the importance to working from a checklist. “With the unrelenting demands of motherhood, trying to hold items we need to get done in our minds overwhelms us,” says Kohl. “We may not even have time for the more complicated ways of recording our schedules we used before parenthood.”


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