Celebrating Dads! Ideas for Father’s Day


Each of us likely has ideas of how Father’s Day should be celebrated, and in our society the cards and gifts will continue to help build those memories. But Dad deserves more than just one more striped tie! What daddy wouldn’t love the gift of something homemade?

We have some great ideas for you, just in time for Father’s Day! What a wonderful occasion to honor the men in our lives—those who are caring and generous, who work hard to provide for their families, who teach our children that grown men can be loving, affectionate, and playful—all while being strong and dependable. Fathers have an important role in the upbringing of our world’s children.

Time to celebrate! Moms, gather the kids together and try one (or more) of these fun suggestions on making Dad’s day special. Let’s appreciate all the things our fathers and husbands bring to our lives by sharing these experiences and bonding with Dad on Father’s Day.

Put Your Hand in Mine

Comparing handprints is a lifelong lesson. Trace Dad’s hand on a piece of paper, then have your child place his or her hand inside the tracing of Dad’s hand and help your child trace around it. Your child can color his hand in or decorate the page with glitter and paint. The tracing makes a great Father’s Day card! When your youngster gives this gift to Dad, ask him or her to compare the sizes of the two sets of hands. Dad can tell your child a story about something he liked to do when his hands were small and then invite your child to chime in what he or she would like to do when his or her hands are bigger, too. As an extended activity, Dad and his child can take a walk together holding hands.

Tin Can Caddy

Make Dad a special place for his pencils, pens, and notes—this caddy is a great addition to any father’s desk! Wash out an aluminum can (soup or vegetable size). Your child can paint it with acrylic paint or spray paint it with an adult’s help. Make sure your child is painting in a well-ventilated place. To make the bird’s face and message keeper, glue on a spring-type clothespin for a beak. Use two adhesive “wiggly” eyes, or glue on bottle caps for eyes. With a black permanent marker, draw eyeballs inside the lids and any other facial features your child wishes. Clamp on a special note written by the child (or with younger children, just signed).

A Chip off the Old Block

This idiom means a child whose appearance or character closely resembles that of a parent—making this craft idea perfect for Father’s Day. Have your child sand a small block of wood and stain it with an adult’s help. Invite the child to pick out a picture of himself or herself and glue it onto the block. Using a permanent marker, print the words “Chip Off The Old Block.” Don’t forget to place a name and date for a lasting memory. For fun, you can add this note:

This wooden block is for you Dad, 
It’s sanded with all the strength I had, 
Something made from me to you, 
To say Happy Father’s Day! I love you!

Father’s Placemat

This craft is less structured but still fun! Invite your child to draw a picture of his or her father on a sheet of construction paper. At the top, print the phrase, “Fathers Are Loved All over the World.” Give your child this list and let him or her write the foreign word for “father” randomly across the paper. To preserve this placemat, cover with a sheet of clear plastic adhesive paper. 

Der Vater—German 
Padre—Italian, Spanish
Bah Bah—Chinese

Photo Tie

For this fun project, Mom will need to pick out an old tie that Dad no longer uses and knot it in a wearable fashion. Now, gather empty jar lids or frozen juice lids from around the house (be sure they are clean and dry). Either draw pictures of special events or cut out photocopies of photos to glue into these lids. Apply heavy glue to the backs of the lids and adhere these to the tie. Let the project dry thoroughly. Give this gift to Dad as a special photo collage to hang at home or in his office.

Snappy Snack Can

What father doesn’t enjoy a snack while he’s watching the game or reading a book? Craft this creative can and fill it with a treat—maybe you and Dad can even share! To make the can and snack, you will need:

  • Coffee can
  • Construction paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Clear adhesive paper
  • Stickers, poster paints, markers, crayons, etc.
  • Two bags of fish-shaped crackers
  • One bag of mini-pretzels
  • One box of raisins
  • One can of mixed nuts or peanuts
  • Popcorn

To decorate the snack can for Father’s Day, first cut the construction paper to fit the can. Then decorate the paper with stickers, paint, markers, crayons, and such. Glue or tape this decorated paper onto the coffee can and cover with clear adhesive paper.

Mix the ingredients for the Father’s Day snack. Fill the can with this mixture and present this snack can to Dad on his special day.

Activities for Dads and Kids

Looking for some great ways to spend time with Dad? Try some of these suggestions or make up your own—the important thing is to have fun together!

  • Go to the local nursery together to buy a few plants. At home, spend fun time in the yard planting your new foliage. Continue gardening together as much as possible. 

  • Go for an afternoon drive. See how many sports cars you can identify together. 

  • Set up the sprinkler in the yard and have fun splish-splashing through the water. This is sure to bring back memories from Dad’s childhood! 

  • Have a “mini family reunion.” Invite relatives over for an afternoon of food and games. Help Dad with the all-time favorite BBQ. 

  • Smuggle away a few hours together on the couch talking about your child’s dreams, hobbies, etc. Today, read a story to Dad.

  • Hug Dad and tell him you love him—the most special gift of all that’s sure to make him smile!


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