Low Levels of Key Brain Chemical May Cause SIDS

Serotonin, a brain chemical normally associated with mood and depression in adults, may be the missing piece of the puzzle when it...

Your Brilliant Baby in Week 10: The Mystery of Colic

As hard as it is to hear, colicky babies' excessive crying is, well, normal. Here's why, and how you can cope.

Your Brilliant Baby in Week 6: Detecting Patterns

Bullseye! Baby is intrigued by high-contrast (especially black and white) designs in his sixth week. Here, learn why patterns matter.

Are Bed Wetting Alarms Right for my Child

Many parents have bought bed wetting alarms hoping to solve their child’s bed wetting problem. But do you realy need one...

Your Brilliant Baby in Week 26: Differentiating Lullabies & Play-Songs

Research shows that babies respond very differently emotionally to lullabies (think "Rock a Bye Baby") and play songs (think "Where is Thumbkin?")....

Your Brilliant Baby in Week 45: Realizing Shapes Have Meanings

Hide and seek is especially fun with your baby in week 45, when he finally realizes that coverings take on the shapes...

Buying a Baby Monitor

It’s no secret that babies require near constant supervision. One way that many new mothers relieve this pressure is with a baby...

Recognizing the Signs of Dehydration in Babies

Babies can become dehydrated quickly, so knowing how to prevent it and knowing the signs of dehydration is crucial.

Your Brilliant Baby in Week 13: The Myth of Spoiling Baby

Afraid you might spoil Baby if you dotingly attend to her cries? Don't be, say researchers. Here's why comforting your baby when...

Why Breastfeeding May Be Best for Future Success

Want Junior to go to Harvard? Be sure to breastfeed. A fascinating new study links breastfeeding to upward mobility later in life,...
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