Nature Did It Part II: Ocean Sand & Sea Water and Colloidal Silver


The internet is such a glorious place, isn’t it? It allows you to carry a device in your pocket that contains all theworld’s information, which is simply amazing. For more than a few unfortunate souls, who think if you read it on the internet it must be true, the internet contains just as much of the world’s misinformation.

Enter Part II of But the Internet Said: Nature Did It. Like the last BTIS, it’s a little less DIY and addresses redditors’ questions about a few of nature’s chemicals, one of which can turn you into a Smurf. (Hint: it’s not Ocean Sand & Sea Water.)

Ocean Sand & Sea Water

What the internet says: One redditor asked about the effects on ocean sand and sea water. “You know how your face gets clear after going to the beach? It’s either the salt, the sun, the sand, or some combination therein…”

What the science says: Ocean water is a hypertonic solution. That means there is more salt in ocean water than in your cells. Your body, in an effort to achieve balance, allows water to flow out of cells, causing the cell to shrink. This effect happens all over your body, including your face; including any acne on your face. Those zits may shrivel up and disappear, but it dehydrates the rest of your skin in the meantime. (Hellooooo dry legs. I did not miss you.)

Once you take a shower, your acne (whether it’s active or not) may look “big” again.

Possible side effects: Dehydrated skin. Bad news if you’re already dry! Hopefully not a sunburn; we’re better than that, right?

Would I put it on (oily skin) Melinda’s face?: Sure! But only if she was slathered in SPF first, and a light moisturizer after.

Addict Approved Alternatives: A BHA to help active acne. An AHA for marks acne leaves behind.

Colloidal Silver

What the internet says:  It’s an ALL NATURAL cure-all. (Just like snake oil.)

What the science says: Silver does have some bioactive traits, and is antimicrobial. It is used on external wounds that are prone to infection like bed sores in the elderly.

Colloidal silver is a different beast. In the early 1900s colloidal silver (silver suspended in liquid) was used as an antibiotic. Luckily, we’ve come a long way since then, and found safer and more effective options. In modern times, (like, since the 1940s), scientists haven’t been able to find any actual use for colloidal silver.

Possible side effects: Looking like a Smurf. No joke, if you take colloidal silver like a vitamin, you could develop argyria like this man, who used colloidal silver to treat some dermatitis on his face.

Would I put it on Sherrianne’s face?: I know she has dreams of being a mermaid, but this might be the wrong way to go about it.

Addict Approved Alternatives: Seeing a doctor to get SCIENCE-APPROVED treatments for whatever’s ailing you!

The benefit to putting laboratory produced products on your face is that they’ve been through rigorous safety testing. If they’re dangerous, they come with a warning. They come with directions. Often, they come with a money back guarantee (schwing!).


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