Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Hair Loss after Pregnancy
Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Question: I delivered Baby four months ago and now my hair is starting to fall out! Is this normal? What can I do to promote regrowth?

Answer: Just when you thought you were getting your body back, your hair starts coming out in clumps! The thickness you likely experienced during pregnancy is taking a U-turn! Why?! 

During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise. Higher estrogen levels may produce a number of symptoms, one being the prolongment of the time that your hair stays put on your head. On a daily basis we all lose hair, but estrogen makes your scalp hold onto it longer. This results in more hair—giving many women a gorgeous, shiny mane. However, once you have delivered your baby, estrogen levels drop, and your hair growth and loss pattern will go back to normal. 

Worried you’ll begin to look like Mr. Clean before it is all over? Donna Seraphin, a hair stylist in Norwalk, CT offers the following advice to women who are in this phase:

  • Make an appointment for a haircut to shape and style your hair
  • Try to avoid vigorous brushing and pulling of your hair
  • Keep you hair and scalp moisturized with a good deep conditioner
  • Be patient—this won’t last forever

Your normal pattern of hair growth should return somewhere between 6 and 12 months after the birth of your baby. If you notice that it has not returned to normal or continue to lose hair, check with your doctor.


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