Play Day with Baby


From the moment your baby is born they are learning. Everyday and everything they do from the moment they wake up in the morning to bed time is a learning adventure. Here are some fun things to do with baby through the day to help your newbie develop and learn. All of your baby’s senses are working touch, smell, taste, site and hearing in overdrive. Everything and everyday is completely new to them and their senses will be working in overdrive as they grow and begin to become curious about the world around them. Many of the everyday things they will learn are through playing.

There are many activities that will help baby learn through play, it will be fun for both you and baby!

Good morning Baby!

Morning is a very special time of day baby has just woke up and are ready to get started playing and learning. Something fun and special to do with baby is to sing to them as you are getting them out of bed and making your way across the house. Sing to baby about everyone in the family even the family pets. Singing to baby will teach them that there are many ways to use the human voice and will teach them words through repetition.

Hello my baby,
Hello my darlings,
Hello my sister,
Hello my doggie

It does not matter that the song is not real or that it even makes sense to you. The important thing is the repetition and baby hearing your voice.

Breakfast is another good time to start the learning and development through playing. Use simple things like cereal to show your baby how to start using their little fingers and learn dexterity. Take a small cup and put a couple pieces of cereal in then dump it back out. Encourage baby to copy you and put the cereal in the cup.

After lunch Baby!

The power of music is very important. Hold baby and move to the beat of music. Walk around moving and swaying to the rhythm. You will probably notice very early that baby is aware of music and they will even respond to it at a very young age. Encourage the experience and teach them music by letting them use a large spoon to bang on a plastic bowl. There are also some very good toys out that can help develop a music consciousness.

There are many items around your house that have different textures, sounds and even visual stimulations. Find safe colorful items and let baby touch them, shake them and there is a good chance they are even going to taste them so make sure it is clean. You can even get real creative and glue beads, feathers and even Velcro to a plastic bottle. The different textures will spark curiosity and help develop senses. (make sure the beads are glued on very good, or just put the beads in the bottle to make a rattle.)

Creative movement is not only playing but good exercise too. Help baby move around, stretch and roll over. Create a new environment for baby by making simple obstacle courses on the floor. Put down towels, pillows and blankets to make new terrain for baby to navigate through, over and around. Have fun with baby and get down on the floor and go through the obstacle course yourself. Baby will find it fun and want to copy you, or they might lead you. When leading they will probably look behind to make sure you are keeping up. Make it fun!

Night time Baby!

Night time is a great time for bath time. Bath time is a time for you to bond with your baby through touch and sound. While you are giving your baby a bath sing to them again. Sing about the day and the adventures you had together. If you were at work all day and not with baby sing to them about your experiences. Keep it simple and repetitive.

Bath time, bath time
Clean the baby’s belly
Clean the baby’s arms
Wash away the dirt from the day

Just make up verses that are fun and soothing.

Remember that everyday is a new adventure for your baby and you too!


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