After School Activities and How to Avoid Burnout


For parents all around the world, the day is not over with the school bell. Being prepared with after school activities and how to avoid burnout will keep your kids healthy and entertained. When they get home there is still homework to be finished, pictures to be painted, songs to be sung and a million other things to squeeze into a couple hours. This all adds up to keeping children happy, safe and out of trouble.

After school activities thrive only if it is backed by sufficient parental involvement. What would a baseball game be without parents cheering their little heroes from the bleachers? Parents being involved will encourage their children to stay involved. It is natural for children to want to make their parents proud, and being there builds on the family relationship that will help keep you close with your children.

Instead of convenience being the decisive factor in your after school activities, find out things that will interest your child. Once you select a program, get the fine print and find out what you have to contribute. If you are really motivated and have some background in the activity, maybe consider volunteering to be an assistant coach.

You want to try and not overload your children. Many children attend piano classes, followed by soccer, then squeeze in some time playing with friends just before they rush home in time for bed. This rigor is too much for a child, base your kid’s activities on their abilities. If they seem burnt out and overwhelmed don’t be afraid to cut back.

Us parents often enroll our children in after school activities, with hopes that we know how to avoid burnout and not go overboard with our children. If you realize that your child is not the next superstar in a sport does not meant they need to try something else. The determining factor is happiness. If your child is happy keep them in it, if they are not happy try something else until you find the one they like.


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