Are Bed Wetting Alarms Right for my Child


Many parents have bought bed wetting alarms hoping to solve their child’s bed wetting problem. But do you realy need one and are they right for your child?

There are a number of reasons why your child might be wetting the bed and they can range from physical to sleep problems. Some children’s bodies actually grow faster than their baldder leaving them with a smaller capacity to hold liquid. Then there are children that sleep so heavily that they just do not wake up to go to the bathroom and this is where bed wetting alarms might become usful.

How do bed wetting alarms work?

Typicall there are two different styles. One is matte that is placed under your child and when the liquid touches the matte an alarm sounds waking the child. The other type is a clip on that you actually attache to the front of your childs pajamas. This one works the same way by sounding an alarm that wakes your child so they can finish in the potty. There are some obvious drwabacks to both of these. If you child moves and is no longer on the matte then it will do not good. The clip on ones can come off or be taken off by your child rendering it ineffective as well. The other draw back of the bed wetting alarms are they take time to work, sometimes months before your child really start responding.

So what are my options?

There are a few things that you can do to try and stop bed wetting without an alarm. First try limiting the amount of fluids your child drinks in the hour or even two hours before bed. It is not uncommon at all for children to have a glass of milk before bed of to fill up on fluids before bed, resulting in wet sheets. Limit the amount they have before going to bed and always have them use the potty right before getting into bed.

Another option without using bed wetting alarms is to have a consistent schedule for your child. Children are very responsive to routine, having the same bedtime each night will help requlate their bodies and will help them to stop wetting the bed.

Finally make sure your children have access to the bathroom. Put a nighlight in so they can see their way and make sure there is noting to trip over. This can be done no matter where you live and will literally take a minute to put in place.

If you are having trouble with toilet training, sleeping dry through the night, you might consider bed wetting alarms. While they’re not an immediate solution to a bedwetting problem, they can be an effective way to help children overcome their bed wetting problem over time. However there are many options to consider before using one and doign a little research never hurts.


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