Baby Development Is One Of Nature’s Most Amazing Phenomenon!


When Casey got pregnant, she was eager to learn about the development of the baby inside of her. She knew that pregnancy stages were complex. But, she wanted to dig deeper into the amazing phenomenon of a single cell transforming into a full baby in nine months.

The Amazing Phenomenon

Do you know that even before you realize you are pregnant, your baby has crossed many milestones? An intriguing fact is that doctors calculate your pregnancy from day one of your last menstruation. So, technically, you aren’t actually pregnant in the first couple of weeks of your pregnancy! Your egg gets fertilized only after you ovulate at the end of second week of pregnancy. It is then that you become pregnant. And you realize it for another few weeks!

You learn about your pregnancy only when the fertilized egg gets implanted into your uterus and you miss your period! Once this happens, your body starts undergoing changes under the influence of hormonal changes and you begin to experience those notorious pregnancy symptoms. There is a rapid development of the baby (or “fetus”) inside your womb at this stage.

Development Of Baby At Its Peak

The first trimester of pregnancy is the time when the development of your baby reaches its zenith. Tiny limbs and organs are almost developed at the end of this trimester. The baby’s heart starts to beat. In the second trimester, all the vital organs of your baby are functioning, except the lungs. The senses have become active too. Your baby is no longer a cell; it’s a human!

The Final Stage Of Baby Development

This takes place in the third trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby grows in size. The brain continues its development and the eyelids start to open. Your baby’s skin becomes sensitive to touch. She grows to about 7-8 pounds in weight and about 19-20 inches in length. The baby’s weight starts showing its effect on your back and body balance. You might feel back pain due to the pressure exerted by your uterus which could cause you to lose balance. So, be careful while using the staircase or the bathroom!

As you approach the end of your pregnancy period, your baby shifts its position for delivery. The development of your baby is complete. She’s ready to come out!

Casey was excited. She had just confirmed her pregnancy and there was still the whole journey in front of her. She was ready to take up the challenge of creating a new life inside her. She was well-informed about the development of her baby and was looking forward to experiencing it with each passing moment.


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